Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Harness Racing Victoria

  1. Harness Racing Victoria agrees to make available the HarnessWeb service to give approved users, through the Internet, access to the current harness racing information and enable HarnessWeb users to carry out many harness racing transactions commonly performed by licenced persons.
  2. Computers - I, the applicant wish to have access to the above-mentioned information and/or to be able to carry out my transactions on-line. For this purpose I will either buy or use a suitable personal computer connected to the Internet. I agree that it is my responsibility to supply and maintain the computer. Harness Racing Victoria has no responsibility for this equipment.
  3. Internet access - I agree that it is my responsibility to obtain and maintain an account with an Internet Service Provider of my choice or to obtain Internet access through another service (such as an "Internet Cafe"). I will also need an ordinary telephone line to enable me to use the Internet - usually it is best to turn off any "call waiting".
  4. Skills: - I confirm that I have (or will acquire through suitable training) the required skills in the use of personal computers and the Internet.
  5. I agree that Harness Racing Victoria may, by notice to me to the effect, withdraw, suspend, revoke or cancel my accreditation,
    1. at any time without assigning any reason therefore and in such case I shall have no claim against Harness Racing Victoria save for pro rata refund of the unexpired period of my annual accreditation fee, if applicable.
    2. during the term of my being suspended or disqualified for an offence against the Rules and I shall in such case have no claim against Harness Racing Victoria whatsoever and it will be my obligation to notify Harness Racing Victoria in writing upon the expiration of any such term of suspension or disqualification and request re-instatement of my accreditation.
    3. if my name is placed on the Unpaid Forfeits List or if in Harness Racing Victoria' sole discretion I commit a breach of the conditions from time to time application to Users of HarnessWeb, misuse HarnessWeb or misuse the information supplied thereby and in any such case I shall have no claim against Harness Racing Victoria whatsoever.
  6. I understand that the information which is to be made available to me is valuable to the interests of the harness racing industry and I agree that I will not do any such acts (or enable my password to be used for any such acts) as might have the effect of corrupting that data and that, if I do, I will be responsible for any costs associated with remedying such corruption. I agree that I will not attempt to corrupt the industry's database (or enable my password to be used by others for that purpose) and that I will use the programs for the purpose for which they are intended.
  7. I agree that Copyright and all other rights of whatsoever nature in the information supplied through HarnessWeb belongs to and at all times remains with Harness Racing Victoria and I shall not use, copy, reproduce, store, or retransmit such information either in whole or part without permission of Harness Racing Victoria.
  8. The Username and Password issued or approved by Harness Racing Victoria to me remains at all times, the property of Harness Racing Victoria and may at Harness Racing Victoria's sole discretion be altered, changed or substituted.
  9. I warrant and agree to keep confidential any Username and Password so issued or approved by Harness Racing Victoria to me and to notify Harness Racing Victoria immediately in the event of such User Number and or Password becoming lost, stolen or misplaced or otherwise no longer remaining confidential to me.
  10. I agree to be bound by all and any data and transactions logged in HarnessWeb against the Username and Password issued or approved by Harness Racing Victoria to me as if such were under my hand and signature and whether such data and transactions were done with my Authority or not and to indemnify Harness Racing Victoria and keep Harness Racing Victoria free and harmless from and against any incorrect data and transactions so logged and/or all and any liability howsoever and wheresoever resulting or arising therefrom and if called upon by Harness Racing Victoria so to do I shall promptly ratify under my hand and signature all and any data and transactions logged in HarnessWeb against the Username and Password issued or approved by Harness Racing Victoria to me.
  11. Any data or transactions sought to be lodged or lodged by me with Harness Racing Victoria through HarnessWeb shall be subject to the conditions and requirements of the Rules and Harness Racing Victoria reserves the right to reject such data or transaction as provided for by the Rules.
  12. I release Harness Racing Victoria from all and any liability that I may sustain or suffer as a result of the failure or breakdown of the HarnessWeb service.
  13. I acknowledge that whilst Harness Racing Victoria believes any information supplied by it through HarnessWeb is accurate, Harness Racing Victoria accepts no liability for the correctness of such information either on behalf of itself, its servants and agents and especially disclaims all and any liability of whatsoever nature wheresoever and howsoever sustained or arising as a result of my use of or reliance on such information with the effect that unless it is prohibited by law all and any conditions warranties and representations at law or by statute whether express or implied are excluded and negatived.
  14. I understand that there could be scheduled and unscheduled times when the HarnessWeb service is not available and I have made arrangements to either defer my HarnessWeb transaction or request or lodge it in other ways.
  15. I agree to the annual charge (as approved by the Board of Harness Racing Victoria) being made to my credit card each year or to pay Harness Racing Victoria in advance the annual accreditation fee within seven days of service to me of an account therefore.
  16. I agree to promptly notify Harness Racing Victoria over my signature of any change of my place of residence and/or place of business. Without limiting any other means of service any notice or document hereby permitted or authorised to be served on me shall be deemed to have been served on me the day following posting by prepaid ordinary mail addressed to me at my business address hereunder or at such other business address as I shall subsequently notify to Harness Racing Victoria as in this condition required.